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E-filing Divorce Cases in Georgia

Georgia E-Filing Counties Map

An ever-growing number of Georgia Superior Courts offer electronic filing in divorce cases. Besides streamlining the process for the courts, the benefits of e-filing include being able to file legal documents from your computer and having access to your case file 24/7.

Choosing the Right Georgia E-Filing Provider

Currently, there are two e-filing service providers used in Georgia--Odyssey E-File GA and Peach Court. In counties using Odyssey E-File GA as their e-filing service provider, both attorneys and pro se (unrepresented) filers are allowed to e-file divorce cases. However, in counties that use Peach Court, only attorneys are allowed to e-file divorce cases, although Peach Court does allow pro se filers to register for an account and access their case files online after doing the paper filing.

Tips for E-Filing in Counties Using Odyssey File GA

Filing for divorce using Odyssey E-File GA is permitted in Bibb, Clayton and Rockdale counties and mandatory in Fulton County and DeKalb County. In those counties, you can register for an e-filing account here. After setting up an account, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to activate the account, which will take you back to the e-filing login where you can begin your filing.

After logging in, you will be prompted to enter a credit or debit card as your payment account for the filing fee. After adding your payment information, select "new case filing" from the menu at the right. Then, select the county, case category (family) and case type (uncontested divorce). If you're starting a new divorce case and cannot afford the filing fee, select the case type "Pauperis FM (Initiate) for Family Case." Note that each of these selections is a dropdown menu and you may need to scroll down to the correct answer. Follow the remaining directions for filing your divorce papers.

Document Filing Codes

In Georgia, it usually requires 6-10 documents to get divorced. Before e-filing each document, you will be asked to select the filing code for that document from a list. Selecting the wrong document filing code is one of the more common mistakes so if you can't locate a filing code, contact technical support at (404) 371-3267 or 404-687-2701 or (404) 371-4776 or (404) 371-3874.

Filing Documents with Attachments

If you are filing a document that has one or more exhibits attached to it that are referenced within that document, file them as part of the main document and not as separate documents. If, instead, you are filing exhibits separately, you must include a notice of filing (filing code "Notice of Filing") as the main document, and then use the filing code "Exhibit" for each exhibit cited in the notice of filing.

Help with E-Filing

Any technical issues with e-filing using a computer can be directed to technical support at (404) 371-3267 or 404-687-2701 or (404) 371-4776 or (404) 371-3874. Additional information may also be available at the Court Clerk's office.

If you don't have the ability to e-file using a computer, you can take your completed, signed paperwork to the Court Clerk's office and e-file by scanning it into the Public Access Terminal, or PAT, available there.

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